Core Features


    Providing AI with ethics and ensuring that in the near future the actions performed following data analysis follow an ethical decision, guaranteeing a safer, better, and more humane world.


    Ethyka offers a work and API framework to be used by developers in their software and hardware projects.


    It will be implemented in Virtual Assistants, Autonomous Units, or simply in any APP, web service, or framework.


    ETHYKA’s objective is to provide AI with ethics and ensure that in the near future, the actions performed following data analysis follow ethical decisions. In this way we can guarantee a safer, better, and more humane world


    The incorporation of ETHYKA in new products will establish a standard for organizations, dedicated to the development and production of AI-based technology.


    Ethyka is a development framework which will allow ethical and moral models to be easily and quickly implemented in AI systems, such as robots and virtual assistants.



ETHYKA's developments will create value in 4 sectors which we will originally focus on. These are: Sanitation and Health Care, Financial Services, Transportation and Logistics, Automotives and Assembly


According to studies and analyses performed, the AI market will exceed 100B$ in 2025, meaning the global profits of this technology will reach 36.7B$ that same year..


Ethyka solves the problem of possible moral “corruption” of autonomous learning systems when in contact with humans. Improving decision making in man-machine system hybrids and improving the actions taken by autonomous systems such as virtual assistants , vehicles, robots, or drones.


ETHYKA Three-level platform

The investigation and analyses behind the ETHYKA project comes from studying the human brain. To understand ETHYKA we have established a three-level system:

Level One (Brain):

Human ethical and moral mental functions. On this level we define the process of decision-making in our brain and its different areas.

Level Two (Ethyka modules):

Functions of the different components of ETHYKA's platform, and how we can step down from level one to the level of processing technical modules.

Level Three (AI modules)

We step down to the nuances of ETHYKA's platform, with components and modules from the AI platform and Cognitive services.

Ethyka Solutions

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